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With the ever increasing need of society in highly trained professionals, on the one hand, and the unreasonably growing cost of education, on the other, Russia has become a popular hub for students all over the world to receive an exceptional quality higher education for a reasonable price. Not only The Russian Federation is one the major geopolitical players in the world, it has also carved a niche for itself among the global academic community with its achievements in the field of science as well as with its strigent teaching practices. The Russian methodology has a deep and profound traditional basis, but is also advanced, sophisticated, ever inventing and self innovative.

Today, Russia has a ready network of universities that are used to training international students especially in science, technology and medicine. A number of Malaysian students are enrolled in Russian universities and many more could take advantage of the country’s facilities and studying in a European environment.

There is also an increasing demand for educational specialists in Malaysia, especially in technical fields. This is an area where Russian specialists can come in handy.

The RCSC has always been making educational assistance a priority and continues to make the necessary effort to provide Russian educational services to Malaysians. Malaysia holds the absolute first place among the countries of South-East Asia in the number of students studying in Russia. There currently are about 4000 of them living and studying in our country. Malaysian authorities recognize the diplomas of the five major Russian medical universities (1st MGMU, Russian State Medical University, Volgograd State Medical University, Kursk State Medical University and Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy). The diplomas of Russian Higher Educational Institutions are valued in the fields of science and technology, as well as in arts and design. Many Russian professionals in those fields are currently employed in Malaysian and international companies in Malaysia.

Welcome to the brighter future with a Russian degree!


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