Russian military technologies in the field of command and control

Concern «Sozvezdie»

Concern «Sozvezdie» is the integration of electronics enterprises in Russia.

At present the Concern consists of 20 enterprises specializing in electronics, each of which has its own line. The head enterprise of the Concern is Voronezh Research Institute of Telecommunications founded in 1958. It became the base for the establishment of what we now recognize as Concern «Sozvezdie».

The Concern strives to develop and produce high-tech control and communication intellectual systems, radio electronic warfare and special equipment to meet the needs of the military forces and other special institutions. The Сoncern aims at developing modern systems and facilities, civil and telecommunications products on the basis of the latest research and technology achievements and innovative technologies.

Concern «Sozvezdie» focuses on 3 key lines of production which include:

  • military-oriented production;
  • dual-purpose products;
  • dual-purpose products and professional communication and control systems.

Functioning as a whole organism the Concern followsseveral main lines of activity. It focuses on developing and producing such items as:

  • automated control systems and communication systems for the tactical sector;
  • automated control systems and communication systems for anti-missile defense and air defense systems;
  • automated communication systems and electronic warfaretools;
  • automated communication and control systems of special purpose;
  • professionalcommunication systems and communication means and systems of general use.

The Concern regularly participates in international and interregional exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Zhukovsky and Voronezh where the company displays its goods and technologies.

The long and rich history of Concern«Sozvezdie» together with the high qualityspecialists and respect for the traditions of the company help the Concern to stay at the top of the Russian electronic industry.


ACACSoTU are intended for automated and non-automated control of general and executive military formations in tactical unit: formations, units, sub-units (battalion, company, platoon, section and separate military man) in peace and war time as well as their use of combat operations and other operations of special purpose realization.

Combat use of ACACSoTU provides immediacy control increasing of ground forces and forces of special purposes at the expense of perspective navigation system, digital communication, computing and electronic field implementation.

ACACSoTU devices allow to conduct: automated acquisition, processing and leading of situation data; automated acquisition of combat task; task staff informing in real time mode; time saving on reasoned decision making and man hours reduction on operator mechanical work; automated process of task setting for subordinate men.

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“Radio Engineering Corporation “Vega”

In accordance with the RF President Decree No. 569 dated April 28, 2004, Joint Stock Company “Radio Engineering Corporation “Vega” was assigned with the task of providing the priority development of key technologies in radio engineering, radar facilities, ground-, air- and spaceborne reconnaissance and control systems in the interests of country’s economy and defense. To solve this task, the nine companies of the country’s radio electronic complex were incorporated into the Vega corporation structure.
Today, the structure of JSC “Radio Engineering Corporation “Vega” includes twenty scientific-research, design and industrial enterprises, the majority of which have unique experience and large scientific & technical potential regarding the problems of creating science-intensive and Hi-Tech products for Russian power structures and civil economy, as well as a great prestige with foreign customers.
The corporation head enterprise is a scientific and design organization with famous background. The central design bureau (CDB) № 17 established long-ago in wartime (October 1, 1944) was oriented to the development of aircraft radar systems and equipment. Later, the enterprise was called scientific-research institute № 17, Moscow instrument-making scientific-research institute (SRI), and since July 2003 – Joint-Stock Company (JSC) ” Radio Engineering Corporation “Vega” (JSC ” Corporation “Vega”).


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«Scientific and Production Association
Russian basic information technology» – RusBITech

System is designed for virtual battlespace generation which ensures interaction of external aviation training simulators with modelling CGF objects of tactical environment

STES employment

In the course of crews training the system allows to solve a number of tasks:

  • Tactical environment simulation in different areas (on the ground, at sea, in the air). Scenario meets the specified level of complexity. Models operate with different combat organization of forces and troops, various types of landscape and infrastructure facilities.
  • Simulation of tactical environment modification and development in all the spheres. Changes are effected in real time. System takes into consideration crew activity, training scenario as well as objects models behavior.
  • Ensures synchronization of processes inside the virtual battlespace with training crew members activity on simulators (standard IEEE 1516-2010 )
  • Control of situation development and changeover in created virtual battlespace. Modifies tactical situation in the framework of exercise scenario depending on members of the crew actions. Ensures interaction of sides in the frame of wargame.
  • Displays dynamics development, tactical environment change and crews activity. Digital maps of terrain and 3D visualization are employed for descriptive representation.
  • Registration of events and actions, evaluation of training process participants and preparation of materials for AAR.

CP-OTA. Training command post of air group of operational-tactical aviation

Training CP is developed for training of combat crews in the operational-tactical aviation units. Command post ensures skills development on missions planning during computer aided training. Training process is based on simulation modeling technology.

Training CP is employed for group tactical briefings and command-and-staff training exercises. Training on the base of simulation significantly improves harmonization of combat crew’s activity in the structure of air groups, units and subunits.

Functions and tasks of training CP-OTA

In the framework of practical combat training CP-OTA ensures the following:

Automatic development of operation schedule for training specialists during planning of air groups (units, subunits) activity.

Support of officials duties training in accordance with developed operation schedule. Course of training is based on employment of the Workstations (AWS), simulation system and modules of supply and support.

Evaluation of trainee’s activity results during training exercise planning.

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