The Russian Center for Science and Culture in Kuala Lumpur, with the support of the Russian Geographical Society, will organize an online event dedicated to discovering the true gems of Russia- Geography Night 2021 . The event will feature special guest speakers from Russia who, being the experts in their fields, will enlighten the virtual audience with authentic narratives of how magnificently diversified the country truly is.

Following the speakers, over the course of three nights, we will screen simply breathtaking documentaries, made by gifted filmmakers, which will take you through a journey of beautiful Russian geographical landscapes of mountainous ranges, cold icy regions and diverse cultural practices. You will be amazed at the myriads of topography largest country in the world has to offer.

The details of the event are as follows:

                 Date: 4th, 5th and 6th of June 2021

Time: 8.00 pm to 10.30 pm

Location: Facebook Live @rcscmalaysia

List of Documentaries

4th of June 2021 – 

The Life and Travels of Miklouho-Maclay

“A glimpse into the life and traveling of the Russian explorer, ethnologist, anthropologist and biologist, Miklouho-Maclay, who dedicated his life to the discovery of the Middle East, Australia, New Guinea, Melanesia and Polynesia.”

Russian Names of Geographical Objects in Oceania

“Walks the audience through the contributions and the discoveries of the South Seas Region by Russian explorers.”

5th of June 2021-

Arctic Through the Looking Glass

A beautiful documentary that follows a group of scientists from Moscow State University in their research on magnificent, tiny, alien- like creatures in the rivers of the Russian Arctic.”

Antarctica: A Journey Beyond the Three Poles

“An interesting watch of the treacherous cold and extreme conditions faced by scientists and researchers living at the Vostok Station in Antarctica”

6th of June 2021-

The planet of tuva

“Retracing the footsteps of a Tsarist emissary, Sergey Mintslov, in the land of Tuva, the documentary takes us through a journey of beautiful cultural and environmental wonders of the Tuvan People in the Southern Siberia”

Siberian Expedition

“A wealthy gold mine owner, Innokenty Sibiryakov, together with the Imperial Russian Geographical Society, commissioned a Siberian exploration to discover the treasures of the region. The documentary shines light on the expedition and ravels the magnificent uniqueness of its people.”

Join us on this voyage through the wondrous land of Russian and fall in love with every aspect of it. See you there!




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