On the 23d of September the Russian Centre of Science and Culture held a first lecture “Impressionism” as the part of the new program “Art Ambassador”.

“Art Ambassador” is a Russian-Kazakhstan-Malaysian volunteer program of lectures and master-classes on the history of art and painting organized by a senior lecturer of the Eurasian National University, Doctor of Fine Arts Anara Amirova. The aim of the project is to introduce to the children the history of art of different countries and continents, styles and directions of painting as well as techniques of different artists.

The first lecture of the program was devoted to the Impressionism. Children had an opportunity to try the special technique of impressionistic style and learn how to work with a palette knife. Young students also studied features of the composite construction of space in the painting, projection and perspective. After that they draw their own works based on the painting “Sunflowers” by Vincent Van Gogh.