The World EXPO is the largest event in the world. This is a unique international platform for the exchanges of experiences and achievements in the field of science and technological progress, a place to discuss global problems and develop common solutions for the sustainable development of the world.  

The EXPO will be a major tourist attraction, serving as a powerful incentive towards improving the urban infrastructure, making the host city the capital of the world for six months of the event.

Moscow is now fully ready to host the World Exhibition. The transportation and hotel infrastructure in the capital have the capacities to meet the needs of hosting the EXPO, and the necessary area and technological capabilities for development.   Most importantly, the city has experienced the success of hosting large-scale international events at the highest level – the Olympic Games and the World Cup. Participants and guests to the events in Moscow have noted without exception that safety, comfort and constant hospitality are the priority.  

It’s time to hold an EXPO in Moscow!  

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