Online session with the Global Buddies Club of the University Utara Malaysia

On the 8th of September the Assistant Director of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Kuala Lumpur Alena Belozertseva had an online session with the Global Buddies Club of the University Utara Malaysia. During the “Talk about Russia: culture and education” around 70 students got to know about the diversity of Russia in climate, geographical zones, ethnic groups, religions and culture. Alena showed many photos of the most beautiful places in Russia and traditional souvenirs. The most interesting part of the conversation included information about the scholarship to study in Russia for free! Every year the Russian Cultural Centre distributes scholarships of the Ministry of Education Russia for various specialties and degrees. The next intake will be started around November 2020 in the system

At the questions and answers session students asked about interesting sights in Russia, places, where they can try Russian food in Malaysia and they even tried to write comments in the Russian language! They learned how to say “da” (yes), “net” (no), “spasiba” (thank you) and some other greetings! At the end students promised to visit the Russian Centre of Science and Culture after the RMCO (Movement Control Order).


Pada 8 September, Penolong Pengarah Pusat Sains & Kebudayaan Rusia di Kuala Lumpur, Alena Belozertseva telah mengadakan sesi siaran langsung bersama Global Buddies Club, Universiti Utara Malaysia. Sekitar 70 orang pelajar mendapat ilmu pengetahuan baharu tentang Rusia dari segenap aspek. Bahagian yang paling menarik ialah maklumat tentang biasiswa untuk belajar di Rusia secara percuma! Setiap tahun, Pusat Kebudayaan Rusia memberikan biasiswa Kementerian Pendidikan Rusia untuk pelbagai bidang dan peringkat pendidikan. Pengambilan seterusnya akan bermula sekitar November 2020, sila rujuk di sini:

Pada sesi soal jawab pula, para pelajar bertanya tentang kawasan-kawasan menarik di Rusia dan juga tempat di mana mereka boleh mencuba makanan Rusia di Malaysia. Sebahagian pelajar juga mampu bertutur di dalam bahasa Rusia mudah seperti ‘da’ (ya) dan ‘net’ (tidak), ‘spasiba’ (terima kasih). Para pelajar juga berjanji untuk melawat Pusat Sains & Kebudayaan Rusia selepas PKPD.

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