“Orpheus” radio offers foreign listeners a new popular classics channel: the most famous, time-tested pieces of classical music

This format was chosen for a good reason. Classical music is an international emotional language of communication, which erases the language barrier and brings together different cultures and peoples. The versatility of this unique format lies in the harmony of audience preferences and the popularity of classical music.

Orpheus radio’s best programs and series, which received the highest recognition from both listeners and critics, were selected for this project.

The author and presenter of the program “It happened, with good fortune…” is the People’s Artist of Russia, singer, doctor of art history, professor Sergey Yakovenko. “The meaning and happiness of my life is in communication, creative and personal, with a variety of people. The time has come when it is simply impossible to keep priceless treasures just to myself, and not to share them with wider audiences. ”

“Sounds of the Musical” is authored and hosted by composer and Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhurbin. He is a member of the Union of Composers of Russia, the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation and the Union of Russian Writers.

The “Idols of the Twentieth Century” program is presented by composer and music theorist Vladimir Dashkevich. Vladimir is the author of the soundtrack for the Sherlock Holmes series, Honored Artist of Russia, Laureate of the USSR State Prize, and member of the Composers Union.

“The music that has returned”. You can listen to it endlessly. Mikhail Kazinik interprets familiar things in new refreshing ways and turns truths upside down. A philosopher, musicologist, teacher, violinist, pianist, radio and television presenter, will reveal his interpretations of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Grieg to the listeners of Orpheus radio in a series of programs.

“Haute ton … Strolling through the Hermitage” is a joint project of the Orpheus radio and the State Hermitage. This is a program about music in paintings of Russia’s richest art collection. Mikhail Piotrovsky and employees of the Hermitage provide their insights in the program of Irina Klenskaya and Viktor Enchenko.

The new program of Orpheus radio, “Stranger Nights” with singer Elena Kamburova and Irina Klenskaya depicts the world through the eyes of the Russian intelligentsia. Let’s try not to rush, but talk, think, and remember …

And another weekend program: “Music on the Edge” (author and presenter – producer, musician E. Kobylyansky).

You can view the full broadcasting grid here.

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