“Horizon 2100 – International Youth Online Contest” of scientific and creative works

Reception of works extended until May 31!

Young people, school children and students aged 16 to 26 years from any countries, nationalities, ethnic groups and peoples are invited to participate.

In 2020, the Horizon-2100 International youth project joined the UN Global Discussion ( on the future of the world and the role of comprehensive cooperation in building the future.

In 2020 the competition accepts scientific, scientific-practical and sci-fiction works in three categories:

  • the works, containing a description of specific ideas and solutions aimed at overcoming the global threats facing the world;
  • the works, reflecting the scientific vision of the future of the planet and humanity and its various scenarios at the turn of 2100;
  • the stories, essay or reportages describing fantastic hypotheses and ideas, phenomena and processes, events and prospects for the future at the turn of 2100, and giving them a scientific explanation.

Dates of the Competition

– acceptance of works until May 31, 2020;

– examination of works – from 1 to 25 June 2020.

– summing up the results of the Competition, determining the finalists and announcing the winners-from 26 to 30 July 2020.

Encouraging winners:

  • The winners of the competition will be invited to the final forum “We shape the future together” into Moscow in July – August – September 2020 and awarded by Diplomas. The exact data of the Forum will be announced after the normalization of the world situation with the pandemic of the coronavirus infection COVID-19.
  • Grand Prix “HORIZON 2100” Competition winner will be invited in the events of 75 of the UN General Assembly on September 21, 2020.
  • The works of the finalists will be published on the website of the Center for Modeling the Future in the Handbook of Scientific Works and the Literary Almanac of science fiction works.

More detailed information on the Contest website:

Russian version – http://www.futurible.space/?p=2031

Application for download: Анкета-Заявка (скачать)

English version – http://www.futurible.space/?p=2038

Application for download: Registration form (download)

You can ask questions by e-mail:

contest2100@futurible.spacein English

horizon2100@futurible.space – in Russian

Project Coordinators:

Anaka Satish, India (Russian, English, Hindi)

Penka Doneva, Bulgaria (Bulgarian, Russian, English)

Alisa Shafikova (Russian, English)

Organizer of the competition: Center for Modeling Future (Russia)


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