17th New Talent Exhibition

Dr. Dina Tukhvatullina (cPhD, MD in Neuroscience) was born in Ufa, the capital of Bashkiria in the Ural Mountains region which divides Russia into European and Asian parts. She studied in Russia and the UK and has been residing in Sabah, Malaysia for over 6 years.

Since the childhood she has always felt a beauty of the moment where painting was the precise expression of it. Her younger days were with the art school and passionate highly towards painting she has been permanently following it as a spiritual part of life. Her abstract art is inspired by magnificence of the existence where each and every piece of reality has its own way of appearance like the paints she is working with. Light, temperature, motion flow, manipulations with mediums, colors behavior and drying process itself make the final art unpredictable so does the life itself. Endless poetry of the forms and shapes tears the canvas on inner and outer spaces with the narrow line between them.

Dr. Dina is inspired by various art styles, including abstract art, impressionism, surrealism, symbolism and romanticism. She is currently extremely passionate about the impasto and fluid painting techniques using acrylic paints with vibrant rich colors penetrating each other to create atmospheric shapes and themes.

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