“Say Hi to Sport!” – Russians celebrate Sports Day

On the 11th of August Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Kuala Lumpur organized a family Sports Day, dedicated to Russian Sports and Fitness Day, a holiday that marks its 80th anniversary this year.

From 1939 Russia has been celebrating “Sports Day” on the second Saturday of August. The holiday became famous for its sport games and activities, such as football competitions, volleyball tournaments and others, and usually celebrated by people who practices healthy and active lifestyle.

The celebration was attended by Russian expats living abroad, CIS citizens and the members of multicultural families living in Malaysia. The program started with a yoga warm up session. One of the best yoga instructors in Kuala Lumpur Yulia Syrapushchynski demonstrated simple yoga techniques and poses for little children and their parents under the motto “Exercises make you healthy!”

Afterwards, the guests were divided into two teams – “Druzhba” and “Uspeh”, which means “Friendship” and “Success” in Russian language. Presentation of the teams continued with “icebreaking games”.  The children had to go through obstacle running, games with the ball, and tested their knowledge of Russian proverbs and sayings about sport. At the end the friendship was a real winner of the competition. After sport activities and prize presentation all the guests were invited for a tea with healthy snacks.

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