Kursk State Medical University

Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) is one of the oldest and biggest universities in Kursk and also one of the leading medical universities in Russia. KSMU is an educational, scientific and cultural center in the Central Black Earth region.

In 1935 was established Kursk medical institute, later in 1994 it obtained the status of the university and since that time more than 35,000 doctors, pharmacists and other health care workers graduated the university.

In 2013 8,036 students are trained in the university. 5,498 of them get their higher education; 791 get secondary vocational education; 1,122 are interns and graduate students; 762 are health care workers which get additional postgraduate education. Every year 1,000 applicants become students of the university. The instruction is offered at 14 faculties.

The campus of the university includes 7 training buildings and 6 dormitories.  There are 67 (57) departments in the university. The academic staff of 752 specialists comprises 115 D.Sc. and 408 Ph.D.

The structure of the university also includes the Center of Practical Training of Students, the Center of International Education and Language Communication “Languages and Culture”, Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, University Placement Office, a library, a consulting diagnostic policlinic, 4 gymnasiums, a canteen, a café and buffets in the training buildings and dormitories.

In 2012 Pharma-Medical College joined KSMU. Association of the college and the university allows improving the quality of training specialists and also rational using of resources in the university.

KSMU has a high level of education. Up-to-date methods of teaching are adopted in the educational process and always are improved: problem lectures, lectures-dialogues, computer technologies for training, multimedia training tools, different kinds of testing, rating knowledge assessment. Great attention is paid to practical training of doctors, pharmacists and other specialists. Necessary skills for doctors of various majors are formed by direct contact with patients at clinical departments and during practical training. With the same purpose according to the global trends virtual simulators and mannequins are used.

Kursk State Medical University holds traditional annual educational conferences, international, All-Russian and regional scientific conferences, university scientific session and student science forums with represented scientific publications.

In 2004 by the decision of the independent public council “European quality” KSMU is listed in the top 100 universities in Russia. According to the results of monitoring of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, conducted in 2012, KSMU entered in the list of the effective universities in the country.

In 2007 the university started to use a quality management system. KSMU began to carry out activities of the university in accordance with the requirements of international and national standards for quality management as the presence of this system is a necessary condition for confirming university’s status to join European and world community in the course of Bologna process.

In 2010 Certification Association “Russian Register” audited the quality management system of the university and following the results was issued a certificate of compliance of the university’s quality management system with the requirements of international and national standards ISO 9001. In addition, the university has an IQNet certificate confirming that management system in the university compliances with the international level in 34 countries worldwide.

KSMU has a high international reputation. A lot of foreign students are interested in studying in KSMU. Medical University was the first that began to teach in English.


In 2013 there were 1,573 foreign students from 47 countries: from Malaysia, Nigeria, Brazil, Sri Lanka and others.

Geography of international cooperation is also being increased. The university concluded agreements on cooperation with the leading medical institutions of the Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan. Employees study course and participate in international forums in Austria, Germany, France, in the UK, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Canada, in the USA, Israel, Greece, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and other countries.

Received grants make possible for university’s workers to participate in Russian and international projects and programs and also study course abroad. In turn, foreign clinical interns and graduate students write and defend candidate’s dissertations in KSMU. Students from different countries undergo clinical practice in KSMU and our students do this in foreign university’s clinics.

KSMU presents its scientific achievements at international exhibitions, as well as participates in international congresses.

The university has a center for science and innovation and a council of young scientists. Student scientific society gives an opportunity to all interested students to engage in research work. Nowadays in scientific groups work over 1,500 students, about 300 of them are engaged in long-term studies.

Youth Science promotes acquisition and consolidation of knowledge of future health care specialists, formation of the creative and scientific thinking, organizational skills. Innovative works of our university’s students receive awards and investors’ support within Regional Innovation Conventions, the International Camp for student activists “Slavic Commonwealth” and International Youth Forum “Seliger”.

In the university much attention is paid to educational work with students. For university’s administration and teachers it is important to create conditions in which students actively participate in forming of university’s life. One of the areas of the educational work is a civic and national education on the evidence of KSMU and Kursk region. Organization of exhibitions of Kursk painters and sculptures is a new trend of aesthetic education. Passion for various forms of art is demonstrated at the annual exhibitions.

A bonus plan works in the university. An exhibition is awarded to students who distinguished themselves in scientific research, social and sporting life and who expressed themselves in public activities are involved to participate in the work of student associations and organizations. Student groups and their leaders represent KSMU at events which are held outside of the university. A good example of such events is the university’s participation in the International Camp for student activists “Slavic Commonwealth”.  The system of work with the students’ parents, social support of the needy students and promotion of the personality growth are also being constantly improved. Annually the president of the university holds meetings with all categories of students, residents and post-graduate students.

The university created the conditions not only for training but also all-round development of students. Center of culture and leisure is actively working on the development of students’ creative potential. Sports clubs provide an opportunity not only to succeed at the regional, All-Russian and international competitions, but also keep a good health.


Graduates of KSMU are in demand in various fields of health care, medical science, business and economy. University placement office monitors the views of employers about the quality of graduates. Marketing research results allow to coordinate the activities of KSMU and employers to help graduates with employment. Annually Job fairs are held for graduate students and interns.

Students of Kursk State Medical University are getting socially significant professions which are necessary to protect public health. Most graduates qualify as a doctor. In the Physician’s Oath there are such words: “Getting the highest title of a doctor and starting to work, I swear faithfully execute my duty of care, to devote my knowledge and skills to prevent and treat diseases, for preservation and promotion of health…”

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