Learn Russian language in Kuala Lumpur
Russian Сentre of Science and Culture offers a wide range of Russian language courses. Russian language is known to be challenging but also very fulfilling and enjoyable to master.

Our classes are conducted by highly qualified teachers and each class is intentionally kept small to fit our structure that encourages both grammar as well as dialogue exercises. A small class ensures that each student is given enough time and attention to truly understand and absorb the lessons.

And because the courses are provided by the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC), lessons will also include many interesting tales of Russian culture and history. So please sign-up and reserve your seats early! Write us at or call +603-2144-4001.

The Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Malaysia in Malaysia has been established for over 35 years and continues to promote Russian culture, education and language for all. Russian language courses are a part of the many activities and services we offer that range from social events, art exhibitions and musical performances.

Available Russian Language Courses


For those who are new to Russian language. A grammar-based course that focuses on pronunciation, listening and writing. This course on fundamentals prepares students to learn the more complex lessons in the more advanced courses. Completion of this level will enable the student to master common phrases and read basic Russian.


For those who’ve completed BEGINNERS I and are ready to explore Russian language further. Completion of this level will enable students to grow a bigger vocabulary and master more advanced forms of grammar.


For those who’ve completed BEGINNERS, this new course is exciting and enjoyable. Completion of this level will enable students to begin forming complex sentences and speak more fluently.


For those who’ve completed INTERMEDIATE, this course is designed for students to begin to master Russian grammar and quickly construct sentences in proper form. Completion of this level will enable students to feel confident conversing and listening in different social situations.


RM 980 per course (40 hours/10 weeks)

Upon the completion of each level you will receive an official Russian Centre of Science and Culture certificate.

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