Vostochny Space Center

Today Russia’s space industry is experiencing a resurgence spearheaded by reforms of the aerospace industry enterprises, re-evaluation of Russia’s place in the system of international space cooperation, and in-depth review of the goals and pathways of future development. For the first time in many years, decisions on space industry’s development are not based solely on politics, but take into account pragmatic objectives, such as the progress of science and industry, the strengthening of Russia’s defensive capacity, and development of international relations with the help of new opportunities.
One of such objectives was the creation of Russia’s first civilian space center known as VOSTNOCHNY. This launching site will have to assure independent space access from Russia’s territory across the whole range of space-related tasks. With its very own space center that will be a launchpad for orbiting spacecraft, man-carrying flights and deep space explorations, Russia is becoming a serious and prominent partner for international space projects.
VOSTOCHNY is a 21st century space center representative of Russia’s new philosophy.
VOSTOCHNY guarantees Russia’s independent access to space.
VOSTOCHNY is a «new lease of life» for the whole Far East.
VOSTOVHNY is made up of the space center, airport and the town of TSIOLKOVSKY that will become the technological center of the future space cluster.
VOSTOCHNY means new opportunities for youth, and over 80,000 jobs for the Far Eastern Region.
VOSTOCHNY is yet another step towards a more accessible and understandable space, and closer international cooperation.
This is the «heart» of the space center. The final preparations of the launch vehicle take place here, and this is where the LV launches from.

It weighs 1,600 tons, and has a height of 52 m (172 ft). This 7-tiered unique construction allows the engineers to prepare the carrier rocket for launch in adverse climatic conditions.

ADMINISTRATIVE-BUSINESS COMPLEX coordinates the preparation and launch of spacecraft and the space center’s everyday life.

COMMAND POINT is the «brain» of VOSTOCHNY, and 67 km (42 mi) of cables ensure operation of all the launch systems.

• 8,000 km (5,000 mi) away from Moscow;
• 180 km (113 mi) away from Blagoveshchensk;
• area of 700 sq.km (270 sq.mi);
• length of 18 km (11 mi) from south-west to north-east; and 36 km (22 mi) from south-east to north-west.
• the launch routes go over water and sparsely populated regions of the Far East, which means additional safety for people and residential properties;
• there’s already traffic infrastructure in place: the Baikal-Amur Mainline, and Chita-Khabarovsky highway;
• great reserves of locally produced electricity.
Russia has been a pioneer in many things, and especially in space. Every successful rocket launch is amazing! GAGARIN, LEONOV, first satellite, first moon rover… The most important thing today is to be worthy of our fathers’ and grandfathers’ achievements. We are entering the next stage. VOSTOCHNY is the first step towards Russia’s new future. It will provide new opportunities to improve the living standards of our people.
• VOSTOCHNY is a colossal project that demands a lot of efforts, time, professionalism, and tremendous financial investments.
• VOSTOCHNY is all about peaceful space and new levels of international cooperation.
• VOSTOCHNY is a real engine of Far Eastern growth.
• VOSTOCHNY is the future of Russia’s cosmonautics.

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