Baikonur Space Center

BAIKONUR Space Center is the first and the largest cosmodrome in the world. BAIKONUR is located in Kazakhstan.

The area of the spaceport BAIKONUR is 6717 km². There is a complex named «BAIKONUR» that consists of the same name city and cosmodrome. The complex is leased by Russia from Kazakhstan for the period up to 2050.

Today, BAIKONUR Space Center consists of:

  • 9 launching sites (including five currently operating launching sites);
  • 4 launchers for testing intercontinental ballistic missiles;
  • 13 assembly and testing facility that include 34 complexes for prelaunch processing of launch vehicles, spacecrafts and upper stages, as well as the filling-neutralization and filling station for refills of spacecrafts and upper stages with propellant components and compressed gases;
  • measuring system with a modern computer center to control the flight and measurement information processing;
  • oxygen-nitrogen production;
  • 600 transforming substations;
  • Two airfields;
  • 470 km of railways;
  • 1281 km of roads;
  • 6610 km of transmission lines;
  • 2784 km of telecommunication lines.

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