Autumn festival celebration at the RCSC

On the 22nd of September, Russian Centre of Science and Culture organized “Autumn festival” celebration for little kids. Children, who study Russian language at the Cultural Centre have prepared for the audience short poems, riddles and Russian fairy tale “Repka” (“The gigantic turnip”).
“Miss Autumn” visited the Centre on this sunny day and became a welcomed guest of the event with fun games and activities for children. Another memorable part of the program was a small concert by Russian folk dance ensemble “Yunost” from Novomosskovsk city, Russia. Young artists performed a few traditional dances and Russian songs with a high professionalism and artistic skills and deserved a lot of applause from the spectators.
At the end of the event everyone enjoyed refreshments, prepared by parents and friends of RCSC.
Autumn festival became a popular celebration in forever green Malaysia, giving to children a chance to experience the beauty and charms of the Russian golden season.

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