International Children’s Day with Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Kuala Lumpur

On the 2nd of June, Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Kuala Lumpur held an event dedicated to the International Children’s Day, organized together with Datuk Nargiz Safarova - Tourism Ambassador of Russia and CIS countries in Malaysia. The title ‘Datuk’, which is a traditional federal honorific title, commonly used in Malaysia and a few other countries who have received a British knighthood, was given to N. Safarova for her outstanding achievements and contribution to Malaysian tourism industry and its popularization all over the world. The title can only be given to selected individuals, and foreigners for their great achievements and contribution to the country.
The event was attended by the Russian expats living in Malaysia, Malaysian public figures, who have interest to the Russian culture. Datuk Nargiz Safarova addressed to the guests with a very interesting speech telling about the importance of reading books and uncovering lots of interesting facts about Malaysia, Russia and their relations with CIS countries. Also she prepared funny games and other entertaining activities for children, giving away prizes, Russian souvenirs and tickets to Malaysian amusement parks. Afterwards, Nargiz presented her family book collection and donated the books to the library of RCSC, hoping that everyone can enjoy reading more books.
Children were very excited and happy with the event. Everybody was sharing their latest reading experience and favorite stories to each other having sweets and refreshments prepared for the occasion by Datuk Nargiz.

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